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Mind the Gap

The gap between IT and the business couldn’t be much wider at the moment for most companies.

Why is this?

Something is fundamentally different in the relationship between the business and IT!

What is it?

Knowledge and choices!

It used to be the case that the IT department ruled the technology roost and that there was no other way to achieve innovative solutions needed by the company. Business units had to accept the terms, price and solution offered by the IT department. That said, the IT department was also revered and unquestioned. They had the knowledge and wherewithal to speak in a language unknown by the masses and a slew of acronyms hidden up their sleeve.

Times have changed and a generation of well versed, tech savvy masses have emerged within our companies; within every business unit. The reverence we spoke of earlier has turned to bitterness as the audience considers their options. Technology providers have seized this opportunity to sell their wares in a manner that makes IT services easily understood and consumable by anyone. That is, their target audience is no longer the IT department, but the business units that have been so dependent on IT in days of past.

Kovarus understands that a new IT department must quickly emerge through a transformation process that has the qualities to compete with and embrace these technology service providers. The gap between IT and the business must be removed to allow IT to demonstrate its true value business value to the company.

Your company has huge investments in IT assets: People, processes and technology. Choosing new disparate solutions and operating models may deliver some short term gain, but may ultimately add more complexity and risk to your IT ecosystem. Kovarus’ Back to Basics approach helps you “mind the gap”; and execute on a plan that will deliver your IT department to an ITaaS operating model in a methodical, results oriented manner.

Now let’s consider the alternative...