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Leasing and Financing

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Kovarus Leasing and Financing

To help reduce costs and manage the risk of your IT infrastructure, Kovarus offers its customers flexible leasing and financing that can be tailored for each individual business. Whether the project large or small, we can help you design a financing package to fit your budget and keep you on the competitive edge.

Benefits of Leasing

Through our competitive leasing program, Kovarus can help give you the flexibility to change or upgrade technology, so you can keep your IT and networking capabilities in line with an evolving business and technology environment. We can also help you reduce the total cost of ownership by applying financial services management across the entire lifecycle of your solution, ensuring benefits from the most recent technology at the lowest cost. Kovarus leasing provides many financing benefits:


  • More cost-effective financing option
  • Accelerates adoption of technology with minimal initial investment while freeing up capital
  • Preserves credit lines for other investments
  • Requires no down payments
  • Easier budgeting with fixed payments
  • Protection against technology obsolescence and financial risk
  • Monthly lease payments may be expensed rather than depreciating equipment costs
  • Various products from multiple vendors may be leased under one agreement and new products may be added to a single lease at anytime