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Maintenance Renewal Contracts

Reduce Maintenance Renewal Hassle

Managing multiple hardware and software maintenance contracts can be an administrative nightmare. The consequence of mismanaging can lead to significant financial loss and a negative impact on IT budgets. Managing assets, keeping track of support fees, and consolidating contracts are just a few of the daunting tasks that can throw an IT organization off track. Without a dedicated team to ensure that your organization's maintenance renewal contracts are managed efficiently, your company will continually lose money on unnecessary fees and unplanned expenses.

The Kovarus Advantage

Kovarus recognizes the challenges of managing multiple vendor maintenance contracts. To simplify the process, our dedicated team serves as the liaison between you and the vendor to streamline the renewal process and ensure maximum return on your business investments.

Casabi Customer Testimonial

“The Kovarus Maintenance Renewal Team assessed our environment and helped eliminate unnecessary support levels, allowing us to co-term and consolidate all of our contracts. This accurate snapshot of our environment enables us to streamline our management process and save thousands on excessive support fees, making future fiscal budget planning simpler and more precise...”        —Curt Schimmels, VP of Operations, Casabi

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  • Eliminate unnecessary support fees
  • Reconcile to implement a co-terminate start and end date
  • Audit current maintenance contracts
  • Consolidate number of contracts to streamline the management process
  • Organize contracts into simple and easy viewing format
  • Track and manage approaching renewal dates to eliminate contract lapse