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Microsoft Business Solutions

Get the Most From Your MIcrosoft Solutions

Nearly every organization has a considerable investment in Microsoft technology—they’re the world’s largest software company and their technology is simply the de facto standard for many functions such as email, office productivity software, and databases. Making the most of this investment requires a deep understanding of not only Microsoft applications such as Active Directory and Exchange, but the interplay with other critical technologies in your IT infrastructure including networking, storage, and virtualization.

The Kovarus Advantage

Leveraging our proven AAIMS methodology and our Integrated IT Expertise, the Kovarus team delivers the insight and guidance to enable you to fully exploit the potential of your Microsoft environment, ensuring optimal performance, greater efficiency, and availability. Whether you need to deploy Microsoft SharePoint, upgrade existing software, or virtualize your current infrastructure, you can turn to the experts at Kovarus

“Kovarus provides consolidation solutions, which ultimately helps customers streamline data management practices and lower IT costs. Together, our efforts are helping enterprise customers greatly reduce data center energy consumption, bringing more money to their bottom-line.”

—Mark Bramfitt, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Integrated IT Expertise

The Kovarus team has a deep understanding of how to optimize your Microsoft technology investment. Our Integrated IT Expertise, has been built on both direct experience and a proven methodology we call APIMA that informs our recommendations and provides you with a blueprint for success.

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