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Public sector organizations face many complex challenges. To meet the responsibilities of their constituents, governments must focus on improving service delivery, streamlining processes, resolving data security issues, preparing for disruptions, and ensuring public safety—all while dealing with exploding volumes of content, adapting new business models and reducing costs.

Kovarus has been selected by EMC, VMware, Cisco, and Juniper to provide IT solutions for both the state and local sectors in California, Oregon, and Washington. Browse our products below to see where Kovarus can tailor product and services to your government needs.

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Kovarus Contract Numbers

EMC WSCA/NASPO Contract #B27161
VMware CMAS #3-10-70-2411B
Cisco CMAS #3-10-70-2411C
Juniper WSCA #7-08-70-12
F5 CMAS #3-11-70-2411D

Browse EMC Storage Products

Storage Management
Storage Management products that provide for the monitoring, management, classification and efficient utilization of data and the infrastructure upon which it resides.

Browse Backup/Recovery Solutions

Backup, Recovery & Archiving
A complete range of data protection capabilities in order to meet critical backup and recovery requirements. In addition, deduplification technologies are offered providing not only reduced data backups and recoveries, but enabling unique remote data backup capabilities.

Browse SAN Connect Devices

SAN Infrastructure

All the switches, cables, adapters and other items to establish a reliable, fully compatible, high-speed data infrastructure for your critical storage requirements.

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Browse RSA Security

RSA Security

Data Security products that protect private information and manages the identities of people, devices and applications accessing and exchanging that information.