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Backup and Recovery

Backup and Data Protection

Nobody likes backups. Either they’re slow, prone to failure, or simply too expensive. Older tape-based solutions are no longer large enough, or fast enough, to protect today’s larger volume sizes. As a result, if a file or group of files needs to be restored, if the backup isn’t fast enough, the work may be lost.

If your business happens to be in one of the heavily-regulated industries, you have compliance mandates for archival and retention as an additional burden. Inability to restore data could mean fines!

With the right backup and recovery solution, you can meet your backup windows, leverage de-duplication to reduce storage requirements, and reduce the need for tape, if not eliminate it all together.

The Kovarus Approach

Kovarus can help you determine the optimal backup, recovery, and archiving solution to meet your organization’s needs. Our proven AAIMS methodology combines best practices, in-depth knowledge, and leading technology to: