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Big Data

Big Data

According to IDC, data is expected to grow 50X in the next 10 years.  Social networking, digital media, medical records, document management, and data analytics are just a few examples of where this explosive data growth has come from.  Storing this data has become a staggering and expensive challenge.  Having a solution that enables automated and intelligent placement of is critical to managing cost. However, the challenge of storing data is nothing compared to managing and making use of it!  Performing intelligent analytics on this data can be a staggering undertaking.  Kovarus offers solutions that enable your organization to efficiently store all of this data, but also to assess, manage, protect, and provide high performance analytics against it.

The Kovarus Approach

Whether it’s one, many, or all of the above challenges, Kovarus team of industry experts offer a unique combination of integrated expertise and extensive industry experience needed to assess, design, optimize, and manage your big data requirements.  Leveraging our AAIMS methodology the Kovarus team can: