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Storage Consolidation

Storage Consolidation

Perpetually adding more and more storage as the needs of the company grow is no longer a viable option for many organizations, probably yours included.  Many companies find the biggest challenge to managing their data, is simply knowing where it all is. Local attached storage, multiple file servers, and departmental SAN devices create large scale inefficiency. Kovarus has a long history of helping companies like yours create a cost-effective, efficient, and tiered storage consolidation solutions that reduce management overhead, provide intelligent tiering of storage based upon it’s requirements, and make protecting your data easier.

The Kovarus Approach

Kovarus can help you drive greater efficiency and control for data management and protection, across all your storage needs. At the same time, we can deliver insight into ways to curb or reduce storage costs, while preparing your organization for the future.  Using a combination of proven best practices, deep domain expertise and best-of-breed technology, Kovarus can deliver a comprehensive storage consolidation solution, including: