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Why Kovarus

What qualities should you look for in a
data center systems integrator?

For starters, integrated IT expertise. You need a company that understands the individual technologies that are key to making your data center run optimally, but one that has a thorough understanding of how people, process and technology work together.

Through deep expertise in virtualization, server, storage, networking and cloud computing, Kovarus enables its customers to dramatically simplify their IT operations and cost-effectively deliver the resources they need to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment. We focus on increasing IT efficiency for our clients by architecting and integrating business-aligned IT solutions.

People, Process, and Technology
Taking a holistic approach to the data center, Kovarus focuses on the whole solution—the people, process, and technology that can enable you to achieve your goals. With the majority of downtime due to people or process failures, Kovarus can help you improve service levels through industry best practices and knowledge transfer.

Best Practices-Based Methodology
Our AAIMS Services Methodology is a five-phased approach based on best practices and years of experience.

A key component of this process is ensuring the knowledge transfer from our experts to your staff to guarantee project success.

Proven Track Record
Select a systems integrator with a proven track record. At Kovarus, client satisfaction is our foremost concern and our roster of clients is proof positive of this commitment. Kovarus has been chosen as a premier partner by leading technology companies and has successfully helped a wide range of private and public sector customers drive business innovation and success.


Choose Kovarus—trusted, proven, meticulous.