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Proven Solutions Center

Proven Solutions Center

Kovarus’ Proven Solution Center is a test and demonstration platform unique in the industry. As one of a kind in the Bay Area and among less than a handful nationwide today, our center allows IT professionals’ hands-on experience to test and demonstrate applications for virtualization technology before implementation.

Sample Demos

Private IaaS Cloud

Private cloud solution allows internal consumers to rapidly request, provision, consume, and be billed for cloud resources. This enables organizations and individuals to respond quickly to ever changing requirements. Learn how your organization can provide rapidly provisioned resources though a self-service portal.

Next Generation Virtual Networking

More and more, organizations are becoming required to deliver highly secure, multitenant services upon their virtualized / private cloud infrastructures. Learn how your organization can add virtualization network intelligence into your virtualized data center network.

Dynamic Server Platforms

Static configuration physical servers are becoming a thing of the past. Next-generation stateless servers have the ability to change personality to dynamically change workload type. Learn how this technology will enable your organization to build a more resilient, dynamic platform.

Managing a Virtualized Data Center

Data center virtualization bas brought new levels of efficiencies to the data center, but it has also brought new challenges. Some of these include the ability to manage utilization, perform root-cause analysis, and do capacity management. Learn how to take on these challenges, and make your virtualized data center even more manageable.

Automated Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery testing, and actual failover has been a nightmare for IT departments. Testing and implementing DR is a long, slow process that is prone to failures. Learn how you can leverage virtualization to automate the process of DR testing as well as actual DR failover.

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